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Please note that all of our offices will be CLOSED on Saturday, 23th of October 2023.

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Dear Clients!


We kindly inform you that the use of revenue stamps is ceased from 1st January 2018 in the procedure of the Immigration and Asylum Office. From this day, the administrative service fee shall be paid by bank card or on yellow post cheque.


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A Christmas celebration is organized by the Office on Friday, 22 December 2017, in the transit zones, made more memorable and intimate by the Charity Council's offerings.

The Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, the Hungarian Red Cross, the Catholic Charity, the Hungarian Reformed Charity Service, the Ecumenical Aid Organization and the Baptist Charity Service try to create a festive atmosphere with sweets, soft drinks, tinsel, felt pens, crayons, storybooks and plush toys.





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The Heads of Office for asylum and migration services from the V4 States (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary) met in Eger, Hungary to share the cooperation, best practices and experiences on 5 and 6 December 2017.


171206 V4 Eger1

Photo: IAO

During the meeting, among other things, a technical discussion about asylum and migration took place. The possible methods for dealing with the migration crises, the measures and experiences, as well as the legal and procedural changes and the possibilities for further cooperation were discussed. During the visit, therefore, the reform of the common European asylum system was overlooked


171206 V4 Eger2

Photo: IAO



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We inform our clients that on 19 October 2017 there will be a power cut in our Pécs office announced by the electricity company. Please reschedule your visit to another day. To make an appointment with us visit our website at


Thank you for your understanding!


Immigration and Asylum Office

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On the occasion of our State Holiday 20th August on the commemoration held in Ministry of Interior Mr. Károly Kontrát, deputy minister of interior, parliamentary secretary of state has given acknowledgments. The followings were recognised by our colleagues:


Béla Hegyes – Public Service Merit Silver Grade

Dr. Orsolya Bogdán – ministerial diploma of recognition

Ágnes Treuerné Varga - ministerial diploma of recognition

Dr. Adrienn Sós – keepsake

János Rusz – keepsake

Ede Zsolt Soós – ministerial recognition

Gábor Megyeri – ministerial recognition

Andrea Varga – ministerial recognition

Zsombor Kaló – ministerial recognition


After the event in the Ministry General Director Dr. Zsuzsanna Végh has given further acknowledgements to the following of our colleagues for their extraordinary professional activity at the Office’ ceremony:


Diána Iglainé Balassa

Dr. Veronika Bagi

Gizella Koháriné Fehér

Bálint Zoltán Törő

Györgyi Veress

Imre Hajzer

Erika Kurucz

Rita Szűcs

Dr. Réka Fülöp

Sándorné Füri

Tiborné Váradi

Ildikó Mihály

Ágnes Horváth

Bernadett Tünde Várnagy

Gáborné Szögedi

József Szabó

Piroska Éva Fónyadné Szepesi

Ákos Csanálosi

Tibor Marik

Klára Benczéné Dobó

Csilla Szabó


170818 BMH Aug20 - honlapra

Photo: IAO


After the handover of the awards General Director congratulated to the colleagues in her toast and thanked the outstanding work made for the sake of the Office.

We hereby congratulate to the awarded ones and wish them further success in their work.

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The conference on the „Changes in the management of the migration crisis in Europe and Hungary in 20162017”, jointly organized by the Immigration and Asylum Office and the Migration Department of the Hungarian Association of Police Sciences with support of the Hanns Seidel Foundation took place on 15–16 June 2017.

The head of Hanns Seidel Foundation’s representation in Hungary and the Deputy State Secretary for European and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Interior of Hungary delivered the opening speeches. The Centre for Strategic and Defense Studies of the National University of Public Service, the Migration Research Institute, the National Police Headquarters, as well as the European Asylum Support Office (EASO) contributed to the event with presentations. Besides, we had the honour to host experts from the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Bulgaria, the General Inspectorate for Immigration of Romania and the Ministry of Interior of Poland; the foreign delegates gave a valuable insight into the migration crisis management strategies of the respective countries.


170615 BMH - MRTT - Hanns Seidel 398

Zsuzsanna Végh dr., General Director

Photo: IAO


The lecturers evaluated the recent changes of the migration crisis from scientific and professional points of view, outlining the possible future trends and fields of cooperation. In the closing speech, dr. Zsuzsanna Végh, director general summed up the main conclusions of the two-day symposium, expressing her gratitude to all for the participation and active involvement.



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On the occasion of the International Children’s Day the Immigration and Asylum Office organized various programmes for children accommodated in the transit zones and the Vámosszabadi reception centre. Social workers of the facilities arranged playful activities (such as craft workshops, outdoor games), handed out gifts, candy to the little ones; at the end of the day the most skillful children were given competition certificates and prizes.


IAO, 02.06.2017


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Between May 22nd  and  26th  2017 the delegation of the Immigration and Asylum Office (IAO) led by the Director-General Zsuzsanna Végh paid an official visit to the Chinese Ministry of Public Security’s Bureau Of Exit and Entry Administration (BEEA), as well as to the Immigration Inspection Station of the Beijing International Airport (GSTII). There were bilateral talks regarding the activities of IAO and BEEA during the past year. Issues discussed included changes of alien and asylum legal framework and the applied document safety and border management technical solutions. Practical aspects of future cooperation between the IAO and BEEA on the management and expert level were also discussed.


170601 BEEA csoportkép honlapra

Photo: IAO


170601 bevándorlásfelügyeleti főhivatal csoportkép - honlapra

Photo: IAO

IAO, 02.06.2017

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Dear Visitor,


The following pictures were taken in the Transit Zones in Röszke and in Tompa. We publish them for your kind information.


Immigration and Asylum Office


170810 Árnyékolók a tranzitzónában



170810 Légkondícionáló a tranzitzóna közösségi helyiségében



170810 ventilátor a tranzitzóna lakó helyiségében



170614 udvari homokozo

Tompa Zone Röszke - outdoor family area


170614 udvari jatszo

Transit Zone Röszke - outdoor family area (2)


Röszke tranzitzóna családos szektor3

Transit Zone Röszke - outdoor family area (3)


170614 kozossegi

Community room


170614 huto micro vizforralo

Dining room


170614 rezso

Dining room (2)


170614 orvosi rendelo

Physician's office


170614 szaniter

Sanitatiton container


Röszke tranzitzóna gyermek játszószoba(2)

Playing room


170614 emeletes agy

Dormitory (family)


Tompa tranzitzóna gyermek játszószoba

Playing room

Photos: BMH


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Tompa, 6 April 2017, Thursday (MTI) – After the previous 50-50 places, now not less than 250-250 people can be accommodated in the transit zones of Röszke and Tompa, where all the asylum-seekers can await the decision on their asylum request. The Tompa facility was officially presented to Sándor Pintér Minister of Interior by József Seres, head of Southern Great Plain Directorate of Immigration and Asylum Office. 

     József Seres highlighted that as of 28 March applicants may submit the asylum request only in the transit zones. The police first check their clothes and luggage upon arrival from Serbia to make sure they do not possess gun or other possible harmful object to the life. Then a photograph and fingerprints are taken by asylum authority staff. These data are entered into the EU database, and come under scrutiny whether the applicant had previously submitted a claim in another Member State – as told by the director.
     Personal interviews are held in a separate room, everyone is interrogated in their mother tongue or the language they daily use, asylum specialists are assisted by interpreters on a closed-circuit video system – reminded József Seres.


170406 KAR4541k

Photo: MTI

     Applicants shall await the ruling of the asylum authority in the transit zone and may lodge a motion for review to the court. Hearing by the judge can be performed through the closed-circuit video system, though procedure on site is also possible.

     Free legal aid is available for foreigners of the transit zone, and lawyer is appointed upon request; guardian is appointed for unaccompanied minors. If there are some doubts regarding the age of an applicant, primary tests are conducted by medical officers of the Hungarian Defense Forces serving in the transit zone; in controversial cases forensic experts are brought in to make the decision – explained the director. He added that unaccompanied children below the age of 14 are automatically taken into care in Hungary, while unaccompanied minors over the age of 14 must stay in the transit zone.


170406 L3177106k

Photo: MTI

     Families, single men and unaccompanied minors are housed in different sectors of the transit zone. Applicants are accommodated in containers of five. Adults receive meals three, children five times a day in line with the religious rules – said the director.

     József Seres also emphasized that playing room, open-air playground and ecumenical place of worship is built in the facility. The foreigners placed in the transit zone are supplied with sanitary products, bedclothes and social workers can be found in each sector of the transit zone.

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